How to installation Windows 10/11?(中文请往下拉 ↓ ,请在电脑端查阅)

Warning: This installation will format your hard disk.Please back up important files in the hard disk in advance!
If you use a third-party PE system or system migration/clone may not boot. We recommend using Microsoft's ISO for direct installation.

Microsoft Windows iso

follow the instructions on the Microsoft website to burn the boot USB or use Rufus after downloading the image.After booting, press F7 to select boot from USB to start the installation;
Windows10 download
Windows11 download

Minisforum Windows OS(Pre-installed driver)

This installation method will automatically format the hard disk directly. It is recommended that you connect to a single empty hard disk for installation to avoid file loss!
1. When formatting the usb flash drive, name it "WINPE" and select FAT32/NTFS mode;
[B550/UM560/HX90/HM80/HM50/HM90/UM series= FAT32.   other models=NTFS]
2. Unzip the system files to the usb flash drive;

3. After booting, press F7 to select usb flash drive boot;
4. Automatically start writing to the system, please wait for the progress bar to reach 100%, and then when the host restarts naturally, immediately pull out the usb flash drive to avoid repeated writing...
Note: The barebones system does not contain an activation code, which needs to be activated by the user.
The original system download link:, select the page of your model to download.

PS: The first-time setup after installing the system without connecting to the network will go more smoothly.


如何安装Windows 10/11系统?

如果使用第三方PE系统或系统迁移/克隆可能无法启动。 我们建议使用 Microsoft 的 ISO 直接安装。


(推荐)微软官方镜像:按照官网提示进行U盘制作或者是镜像下载后用Rufus刻录,开机后按 F7 选择U盘启动项,即可开始安装;


B550/UM560/HX90/HM80/HM50/HM90/UM 系列 =FAT32,其他机型请选择=NTFS

3.开机后按 F7 选择U盘启动项;