UM560/UM690 DIY


1.Remove the four screws on the bottom of the PC, under the rubber pads.

(卸下 PC 底部橡胶垫下方的四个螺丝。)

2.The larger rubber pads can be completely or partially torn off to access the screw holes.


3.Pry the bottom case from the gap in the bottom case edge near the HDMI port.

(从靠近 HDMI 端口的底壳边缘的缝隙中撬起底壳。)

4.Done, the RAM/HDD location is seen.

(完成后,即可看到 RAM/HDD 位置。)

5.When installing the bottom case, the gap faces the HDMI port.

(安装底壳时,缺口处靠近 HDMI 端口。)