If your HX90 resolution is reduced from 4K@60Hz to 4K@30Hz.


The 4K@30Hz problem of HX90 is caused by the AMD driver. We do not recommend using drivers that are too new, version 22.5.1 is recommended. Then please uninstall the AMD software first(How to uninstall or remove apps?), then reinstall the AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900HX Drivers, Enter the model number and select the operating system to download. Be sure to check [Restore Factory Settings] when installing the driver.If not working,please try again and restart.

       HX90的4K@30Hz这个问题是AMD驱动的原因,我们不建议用太新的驱动,推荐22.5.1版本,请先完全卸载AMD software,然后重新安装一下AMD 5900HX驱动,输入型号选择下载,安装驱动时请务必勾选【恢复出厂设置】,如果一次没生效请再进行一次并且重启。