How to fix the black screen when installing the AMD driver?


Set the AMD pixel format, set the pixel format respectively, and see which one works better, and it takes about 30 seconds to take effect after setting.


1. A black screen appears after restarting after installing the graphics card driver of the AMD integrated display. Generally, it is because the default pixel format or color depth of the installed graphics card driver does not match the display. It is recommended to solve it in this way:

2. First enter safe mode, uninstall the driver, replace the driver version to install, restart the computer, and keep pressing the F8 key until the system advanced startup menu appears. (If F8 is invalid, unplug the power after the logo is displayed on the boot, after repeating three times, there will be a prompt to select the safe mode when the boot is turned on again)

3. Then select Safe Mode to enter Safe Mode, right-click "Computer" Properties "Device Manager".

4. Click the display adapter, right-click the graphics card model and click Uninstall.

5. After uninstalling the driver, you can enter the system desktop normally, and then install a remote software (todesk/teamview).

6. Use another computer for remote operation to install the driver again and set the pixel format and color depth,

7. Driver download: AMD chipset, audio, nuclear display driver, click to download immediately, no need to choose a model.

8. Please check Full install and restore factory settings when installing 9. If the screen is still black after restarting after the installation is complete, please right-click on the blank space of the desktop - AMD Software - Settings - Display - Color Depth: 8bpc, pixel format:RGB***/ycbcr***.