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X500 Download
User GuideWindows105.10 MB11/10/2021PDF
Windows10 ProOS9.50 GB11/18/2021RAR
Windows11 ProOS10.93GB04/20/2022RAR
Auto-Detect and Install Driver Updates for Graphics and ChipsetsWindows10--link
HD Audio DriversWindows10296.20 MB12/08/2021ZIP
Lan Driver:RTL8111GWindows10556.13 KB12/08/2021ZIP
Wlan&BT Drivers:Intel AX200Windows1034.61 MB12/08/2021ZIP
Wlan&BT Drivers:AMD RZ608Windows109.25 MB05/05/2022EXE

  • Restore on AC Power loss:After booting, press "Del" to enter the BIOS, select "Boot"-"Restore on AC Power loss"——“Always On”, Press "F4 "Save and exit.