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The World's First Intel Ultra 9 AI Mini PC with
a 4-inch Touchscreen

  • Intel® Core™ Ultra 9 Native AI Core Power

    The new Intel® Core™ Ultra 9 features impressive specifications,representing a significant power and efficiency for high-performance computing tasks.

    Intel 4
    Process Technology
    3D high-performance
    Hybrid Architecture
    Maximum Frequency
    L3 cache
    Up to 65W
  • The new Intel® Arc™ graphics can dramatically increase the speed of 3D rendering, video editing, live streaming workflows and 3A game masterpieces

    New Ray Tracing Units
    Graphics Performance
    Super Sampling
  • The new AI NPU supports low-power operation of AI applications. CPU+GPU+NPU together constitute 3 major AI engines, inspiring creators into the AIGC era.

    Up to 20 billion
    Parameters LLM
    Text-generated Maps
    365 Copilot
    AI PPT
    Topaz Gigapixel AI
    Image Enhancement

Cold Wave Cooling System

Adopting the exclusive patented compact phase-change cooling module with small size, high efficiency and long lifespan, paired with a large-diameter silent cooling fan and 3 cooling copper tubes, it can achieve a stable 65W performance release, providing constant power for high-performance gaming and creative work demands.

Flexible Touch Screen

Equipped with the industry's most powerful 4-inch touch screen, easy to use and feature-rich. Support system monitoring, performance adjustment, time display and personalized theme switching, so that you can grasp the operating status of the host in real time.

Videoconferencing Assistant

X7 Ti is equipped with a 1080P HD camera (physically switched on and off to protect privacy), supports Windows Hello as well as studio effects, and can also be angled via a stand with dual digital microphones for excellent sound pickup, providing an excellent collaborative experience for video conferencing.

Large Memory, Large Storage

Dual memory slots + dual M.2 ports + SD card slot
A vast resource library for filmmakers and creatives

Dual-channel DDR5 SODIMM slots
Supports up to 96GB of DDR5 5600Mhz high-frequency memory
2 * M.2 PCIE4.0 SSD slots
Up to 4TB SSD storage
1 * SD expansion card slot
Plug and play at speeds up to 100MB/s
  • Extensive interfaces

  • Quad-Screen Display

    Dual USB4 ports, an HDMI2.1 interface and a DP2.0 interface, can be simultaneously connected to four 4K screen, to realize the four-screen display, to open a new vision of the efficient office

  • Independent OCulink Port

    Supporting up to 64Gbps of transmission bandwidth, it is easy to expand the higher performance of external desktop graphics cards, turning the Mini PC into a workstation in seconds to meet the arithmetic needs of high-end gaming, professional creation and AI work.
    * Does not occupy the M.2 interface

  • Speedy Networks

    Dual 5G wired ports with link aggregation support for high-speed connectivity and always-on connectivity, whether for online gaming or network storage

New Generation WiFi7

Equipped with Intel's next-generation WiFi-7 wireless card with up to 5.8Gbps theoretical peak rate and 320MHz channel bandwidth

  • Low Latency
    Larger channel bandwidth
    lower WiFi latency
    WiFi6 160MHz
    WiFi7 320MHz
  • High Speed
    The BE200 has a maximum theoretical rate of up to 5.8Gbps, which is more than double the speed of current Wi-Fi 6E modules.
    WiFi6 2.4Gbps
    WiFi7 5.8Gbps


AtomMan X7 Ti
Name AtomMan X7 Ti
Processor Intel® Core™ Ultra 9 processor 185H
GPU Intel® Arc™ Graphics
Memory DDR5 Dual channels (Sodimm Slots, up to 5600Mhz, Max 96GB)
Storage M.2 2280 PCIe 4.0 SSD ×1
M.2 2230 PCIe 4.0 SSD ×1
Storage Expansion SD Card Slot ×1
Wireless Connectivity M.2 2230 WIFI Support (Wi-Fi 7 ,BlueTooth 5.4)
Video Output HDMI 2.1×1, DP 2.0 ×1, USB4 ×2
Audio Output HDMI , DP, 3.5mm Combo Jack ×1
Peripherals Interface RJ45 5G Ethernet Port ×2
DP 2.0 ×1
HDMI 2.1 ×1
OCulink Port ×1
USB4 ×2
USB3.2 Gen2 Type-A ×2
USB3.2 Gen1 Type-A ×1
USB2.0 ×1
Power Button ×1(Support Windows Hello)
3.5mm Combo Jack ×1
Camera DMIC ×2
FHD 1080P(Support Windows Hello)
Screen 4 inch, 480P
Power DC 19V (adapter included)
System Windows 11
Product Dimension 145*145*48.6mm